Insanity matched in its highest

Do you ever think that you can dream something so much that the reality in the fantasy becomes real reality. Or do you just think I’m crazy

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Do you know how hard this is for me


I forgot

You don’t care

Sorry my bad

Its just

My bad memory

Acting up agin


Wont happen again

I promise

Covered in red
Found on the floor
Love now
Hated before
Death is strange
Never understood
Can’t come back
Not like she would

Please stop no one deserves this but me.

Please don’t come into my life

I will just drag you down with me

If I put my headphones in while your talking to me, don’t take it personally

I just don’t care what your talking about

But it’s okay

I do it to everybody.

I want someone

I want someone

not to tell me they love me

not to tell me I’m beautiful

not to tell me I’m funny

or smart

or charismatic

or stylish

or sexy

I just want someone to tell me 

I’m worth it.

I can believe.

My soul is lovely.

I want someone to tell me something that is not regular

I want someone to describe me as a rare word

to say I’m captivating

to say I’m alluring

to say I’m enchanting

to say I’m exquiste

to say I’m pulchritudinous

to say something meaningful and well thought out

I want someone deep

I want to feel love 

I don’t want someone to tell me they love me

I want someone to tell me I’m worth loving

I want them to show me 

I want them to do what I would do

But in a way I would never

I want someone who understands 

Someone who listens but talks

Who agrees but disagrees

Who thinks the same but considers diffrenty

I don’t want a regular

I want an outcast

I want someone who doesn’t love me

But is in love with me.

I’m sorry

I’m not her.

Do you know your darkest fantasies?

Do you know what goes on even in the dustiest corners of your mind?

Are you in touch with your second soul?

Can you find your inner peace?

Are you okay with you are?

Are you afraid of what you will become?

Are you angry with what you used to be?

Do you judge what you don’t know?

Do you understand the value of your life?

I didn’t think so.